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What Is Crazy Cockatoo Games?
Crazy Cockatoo Games
we believe games should connect people, develop critical thinking, and promote healthy competition. We love family games with simple mechanics and fast play, like
More or Less
, as well as games designed to satisfy the veteran strategy gamer, like our
Star Fleet Warlord Client
Crazy Cockatoo Games
is invovled in every aspect of gaming, from designing, to playing, to talking about it through our blogging and podcasting. We always promote safe, respectful, and responsible playing. We beleive all games should be family friendly, and promote healthy competition while never glamorizing bad behaviour.
We believe games can bring people together and build community, often creating a commonality across groups otherwise disconnected. Games are one of the universal languages of society.
Crazy Cockatoo Games
is in the business of promoting and producing games that are so crazy fun, you'd be 😜 not to play!
Crazy Thoughts and Sounds
Crazy Thoughts
is where you will find our blog posts.
Our latest blog post is a game review of
A Billion Suns!
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is where you will find our podcasts.
Star Fleet Warlord Client
Updated 2021-06-06
We are working on a client for the play-by-email game called
Star Fleet Warlord
. The client is called the
Star Fleet Warlord Client
(suprisingly enough ;).
We have posted a
new video update
of the progress on our client called
SFWC Turn File Parser Example
. Please come check it out.
Space Available Tactical RPG
Over the last few years, we have been hard at work on streamlined and flexible tactical role-playing system we call
Space Available Tactical RPG
We are finally in playtesting, and we are excited to talk about it. Come take a look.
Sundries and Trinkets
What other sundries and trinkets might this site hold? Well, as an example, we are hosting fan work expansion by Brian Gross for the
Middle Earth Adventure Game
More or Less
More Or Less Logo
Roll your dice and place them on the grid. You place your dice according to their value, but you score according to how many dice you place adjacent to other dice in the grid.
Never the same game twice, the strategy scales from simple to sophisticated, and a lucky roll can level the playing field.
More or Less
: It’s fast! It's fun! It's for everyone!
Stained Glass Garden
Stained Glass Garden Logo
Grow a beautiful stained glass garden by placing your stems and blossoms in the garden. Careful though, as growing your garden costs water and you have a limited supply.
Through careful management not only can you limit the use of your water, but grow your water supply by requiring others to grow in your area of the garden.
Win the game by having the most water at the end of the game.
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you'd be 😜 not to play!
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